Patios, side passages, rear gardens, front driveways, decking areas can all benefit from more aesthetically pleasing block paving designs. Many people are now taking pride in the landscaping of their homes, block paving is the perfect option for those trying to achieve a visually pleasing space.

  • Block paving has a large variety of designs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for focal points

As well as being more aesthetically pleasing, block paving is also comfortable to walk on, durable, easily maintainable and in some cases slip/skid resistant. Block paving is also cost effective in comparison to clay pavers or natural stone blocks such as granite sets.

Maintenance for block paving is fairly minimal, just sweeping to remove dirt and debris is the main way of maintaining your block paving. It is readily available and a constantly range of expanding in different shapes and sizes, colors and finishes. Block paving can be placed in numerous patterns which enables delineation of space or can make a focal point really stand out.

The ability to recycle concrete paving blocks contributes to its already growing prowess, if there comes the time that you would need to replace maybe a broken block or maybe one has become discolored by maybe an oil spillage which has ruined the block, then you have the ability to simply lift the broken block out and replace it with a new block.

If you have a large area and are maybe concerned about the cost of repaving, in most cases we can combine your existing surface with block paving variety to give variety combined with consistent surface characteristics. Block paving can be put into use immediately after laying.

Amongst the concrete blocks there is an enormous variety of shapes, sizes and textures and also many versions of the rectangular block and special shapes that look antiqued or marbled. The colour of the blocks is down to concrete dyes which is usually some form of metallic oxide but even the best dyes are prone to some fading in natural daylight and the quality of the dyes are mirrored in the prices; cheaper blocks may have been coloured with inferior dyes so the cheapest probably won’t give you the longevity of a higher priced block design. Decolouration, fading or bleeding is rarely covered by the manufacturers guarantees and warranties.

So to enhance your driveway aesthetically block paving is the best product to achieve this. For parents it’s great for kids as it can be slip/skid resistant so less chance of grazed knees and can be easily repaired if the need arises. With so many colours, sizes, textures and designs there is something for everyone. Hassle free and easily maintained.